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A Dream

15 Jan

All I really need to know I learned at my daughter’s kindergarten. Not to get all Robert Fulghum on you, but the hour I spent at her school yesterday was one of the most profound and moving experiences I can remember.

Ananda’s school has an assembly every Friday morning, with parents invited to stick around after dropoff, even encouraged to do so. These hour-long all-school events are always worthwhile, with singalongs and other endearing evidence of the school’s more-than-lip-service commitment to community building. But yesterday’s was an especially tender assembly, coming just before the long weekend of Martin Luther King Day.

My girl was among the first to step to the front of the room. She and her class of kindergartners and first graders presented a biography of King, each child reciting a few facts, one after another, or holding up drawings to bring the story Continue reading

Sunday Manners

22 Dec

I’m feeling like the old hound dog who curls up on a rug near the fireplace all afternoon, then grunts a little when it’s time to slowly climb to his tired feet and shuffle outside to take care of business in the yard. Catch him at the right moment, though, and you might stir up the puppy still inside him.

This was the image that came to mind a couple of weeks ago when I was watching the Giants game, but doing it in a way I never used to. I was multitasking. Or at least distracted by a multitude of tasks. A story deadline was hovering over my right brain like a storm cloud, and my laptop was open on my lap, whirring. But Continue reading