Yoga Journal

My years of involvement with New Age Journal inevitably connected me to Yoga Journal, the yin to our yang, the pepper to our salt, the Abbott to our Costello.

Speaking of funny guys, my first writing for the magazine grew out of a phone call with my friend Phil Catalfo, at the time a senior editor. I was telling him about my recent five-week stay at the western Massachusetts yoga ashram Kripalu, and how on my last day there I’d taken my first Bikram yoga class. I put myself through that 100 degrees of militaristic torture because I’d been told Raquel Welch was going to be in the class. Boy, the things we do for a chance to get sweaty with a childhood sex symbol.

Phil thought this was fodder for a back-page humor essay, and it did turn out pretty funny . . . which I thought you’d have to take my word for, because I couldn’t find the piece on the Yoga Journal website. But I’ve since discovered a Google Books link, which I share below along with links to some other pieces I wrote for the magazine:

Who’s That in the Mirror? Misguided intentions clash with the demands of practice when a semi-devoted yogi encounters a childhood idol.

Gods and Monsters: By putting your yoga teachers on a pedestal, are you setting them up for a fall?

Popcorn for the Soul: With its special power to convey transcendence, cinema is perfect for exploring metaphysical themes. Here are 10 favorite spiritual films.

Online Enlightenment: A quick but informed search for spirituality in cyberspace turns up several sites that entertain, educate and illuminate.

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