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Zero Tolerance

3 Nov

I’m not sure of the exact total. I think the kids scored 40 goals, but maybe the actual number was only in the high 30’s. I am certain, though, of the other total. It’s impossible to forget a big, fat zero.

The Spartans, my son Rumi’s team in the Grades 1 and 2 boys’ division of the Northampton Rec Department soccer league, played six games this fall and won all of them, which only stands to reason because it’s impossible to lose when you don’t give up any goals. These kids were badass. Going a full season without surrendering a single score is a remarkable feat at any level but especially in a league with no goalies, where all it takes is one long kick to slip through your defense or one ball to be deflected toward the orange cones that mark your goal. But no opponent even came close to scoring on us.

I was co-coach of the Spartans along with my friend Tim, and while it may be puzzling for you to read this, I found this season to be a daunting experience.

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